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Update as of Feb 3, 2015: As most of you already know, I lost my home and shop in a Tornado and have had to rebuild everything; reverse engineer everything, and learn how to operate a new CNC machine, which has been a very long and tedious process that has really set me back up to now.


When I lost the shop, I also lost close to 100 knives that were in the process of being built. Some were very close to being completed, and others were early on in the process. Because I lost all those knives that were pre-paid for by those customers, I am having to rebuild those knives as well as the knives I've taken orders on since. In this process, I also have to pay my bills and eat, therefore, I am selling a few knives every month to my dealers, and I will also be listing some on eBay for sale. So, if you have a knife on order and see a knife (or two, or three, or four, etc.) pop up on a dealers site, please understand that while I'm filling these orders, I also have to EAT and keep the ELECTRIC on around here, or this operation goes belly up and there we are.


Right now I'm down to about 47 back orders, which includes knives lost in the Tornado, so I am most certainly making progress and shipping knives out every week. When I say "47 back orders", that is the TOTAL number of knives I owe current AND pre Tornado customers. As of now, since I'm getting pretty decent at running this machine, I'm getting 6-8 knives per week delivered, so rest assured, if you have not received your knife yet, it is coming.


I will NOT be listing any knives for sale on the site until I get all these back orders completed and shipped. There are a lot of email notifications that have to go out to people on this notification list (see banner above to sign up), and they do not all go out at the same time, which makes it just a bit unfair for anyone who doesn't get the notification for 12 hours after I've posted the knife. I've got to get some work done to the site in an attempt to rectify this little problem.  


Edit: I probably won't be selling much on eBay, that 10% is just a wee-bit too stout for my taste. 


If you want to purchase a knife direct from me, please use the contact page.


For anyone wanting to place an orders, the pricing is further down this page.


PS: I am running an Antivirus on this computer with a Secure line-gizmo that sometimes kicks my mail into the spam folder, and sometimes I may not catch it for a day, so either hang tight or send me another email just in case.



Just wanted to throw up a pic (a few more here) of progress on learning how to run this new CNC machine so you guys know I'm still alive and cranking out parts on a daily basis. The learning curve on this machine along with CAD/CAM/Mach 3/GCodes, etc. has been a lot more than I had ever anticipated and it has really backed me up on orders, but at least now I'm heading in the right direction and making consistent parts. (Sept. 24, 2014)

Spacers 4

ATTENTION: The only knives I am currently making are the M250 Scouts and M250 Cobras. All other knives on this site have been discontinued; never to be made again.


When I discontinue a knife, it is a done deal. This helps keep the value of the knives up for those who've invested in them. If I just keep on making them after I say I won't, it only hurts the value; therefor, when they are discontinued, I won't build another one for $20K or $50K .... I've kept my word on this for many years and fully intend to continue the tradition.


You can see the Scouts and Cobras by either clicking this link:


Or, you can choose them from the drop down menu of the GALLERY button above.


NOTICE: Take the time to look at the photos. The Cobra and the Scout are two different folders; the Cobra has more flare and curvature on the grip than the Scout; there is a HUGE difference between the two grips if you'll look. Both knives have the same three blade options:

Model 4, Model 5, and Model 6. The model 4 is the Wharncliffe style blade; the Model 5 has the big dip in the spine of the blade just past the thumbstuds, and the Model 6 has no dip in the spine. So, you can get a Cobra with a Model 4 (M4), a Model (M5), or a Model (M6) style blade, and the same applies for the Scout.


Those knives start at $875.00 with CPM-154 Stainless and G10 front side grips. I have Coyote Brown/Black/OD Green G10 to choose from.


If you want a Titanium front side grip, add $200.00

If you want a Damascus blade, add $200.00


Shredded Steel or Chameleon Pattern ....... Add $100.00 (I no longer do the dark colored patterns, only the Shredded Steel 'light' or the Chameleon 'light'. Look through the other albums and you will see the difference).


Shipping/Insurance for one knife in the US ..... $20.00

Overseas shipping/Insurance for one knife ... $30.00


I accept paypal and credit cards as well. Just shoot me an email and we can work out the particulars if you find something in that album you like.


Hope this helps answer some of the questions for you guys.


Thanks for the business fellas, it's very much appreciated.